T's & C's

Booking an appointment

Consultation with Chanelle Cindy are set up by email appointment only.

Weather it be a private one on one consultation to discuss getting a custom bespoke Chanelle Cindy bridal gown or to view the Atelier Collection, all appointments will be set up & confirmed via email.

There is a consultation fee of R700.00 for a private consultation on custom bespoke bridal gowns & a fee of R500.00 to view the Atelier collection.

Please note the above amounts are required to secure your booking & are non-refundable should you wish to cancel your booking, however booking can be postponed if Chanelle Cindy is notified more that 24hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Payments via EFT or cash only.

Chanelle Cindy does not have credit card facilities .

We would recommend all potential clients book a consultation at least 6 months prior to their event.

For custom bespoke brides as well as our Semi-custom Atelier collection brides, our first consult will consist of a detailed design discussion where we will look at your design ideas, as well as Chanelle Cindy’s input relating to your ideas, fabric options, textures, colour pallet and budget .

From there we will send you through your personalized quotation.

Should you accept the quotation we will require the signed terms & conditioned emailed back to us as well as a 60% deposit to secure your booking.

We will then move forward with the designing process.

The Process

Bespoke Brides & event wear

Once the booking is confirmed ,I will send you through a measurements spec that I will need completed in centimeters  (cm) with accuracy, should you prefer to come into Chanelle Cindy Studios to have your measurements taken, an appointment can be made via email. These measurements are just for us to have on reference should we need to refer back to them .

You will be provided with several different fabric options to choose from.

Please note I do not keep stock fabrics, I source fabrics as per the design brief, locally as well as internationally & all fabrics are subject to availability.

Fabric options will be provided by email, should I have tangible samples for you to look at we will set up a consultation.

Once fabrics have been confirmed & purchased we will begin with the making of the gown.

Our first fitting, which will be the first of 4 fittings (excluding your collection) will be a mock up of the basic style idea, of which I will then use to create your customized pattern.

Depending on the time frame moving forward, we will also schedule the following fitting as well as a collection date, where the gown will be fitted a final time & thoroughly checked for any imperfections.

Once the dress has left the Chanelle Cindy Studios the project will be considered completed & Chanelle Cindy will not be held responsible for any damages should the occur.

The gown will be completed a week prior to the event, unless discussed otherwise.

Please make sure the completion date is specified in writing over email & any changers to this date are again specified via email.

Fitting will be approximately 45mins.

We do cater to international & out-of-town brides, although the fitting process is done differently via measurements.

Consultations on the Atelier collection will include a 45minute assisted fitting on the selected bridal gowns you wish to try on. Please make sure that you are familiar with the sizes of the gowns included in the Atelier collection, as these gowns are once off bridal gowns in one size only.

All gowns in our Atelier gowns are available to order on a semi-custom option, where the chosen Atelier collection gown is replicated in your own fabric & colour selection, customized to your fit. This price range will come in at 10-20% more than the off the rail gown.

The process for this semi-custom option will run similarly to that of our bespoke brides, however only 2 fittings are included in this option.

Fabric select options are limited to between 2-3 options.


After the first consultation you will receive a quotation based on the design specs, fabrication & estimated labor hours required.

Should any changes to the original design be required or additional fabric needed as per Chanelle Cindy’s or the clients request, that were not anticipated, in order to complete the required design, the additional fee will be discussed with the client during a consultation & put in writing via email before any changes are made and additional fees are added.

There are no hidden costs or under lying fees, however the quotation may be subject to change should the above arise.

Should you choose to move forward with the quotation you will be sent through a pro forma invoice with the total as well a reference number, which will be your reference for all payments moving forward.

Please make sure this reference number is used for all Proof of Payments to avoid any confusion. 

Before we begin with the first consultation, Chanelle Cindy will require a 60% deposit as well as the signed terms & conditions

Only once the deposit is paid will your booking be secured. 

If the deposit is not paid by the requested date, Chanelle Cindy reserve the right to cancel the project and your slot will go to another client.

Please note that this is a non-refundable deposit.

If you choose to terminate the project after the first fitting (mock up fitting), All fabric purchased in the possession of Chanelle Cindy will be retained for services rendered that was not covered by the 60% deposit.

In the event of a cancelation by the client further along in the design process the full quoted amount will be required by the client. 

However, should Chanelle Cindy cancel the project for any particular reason, you will be refunded in full.

You will receive the final invoice 5 days prior to the collection date. Please note that no designs will be released from the Chanelle Cindy studios until payment has reflected in our account. Please make sure you take this into account when using different banks as the clearance times differ.

International brides will be required to do payment in full 14days prior to the completion date.

Method of payment is EFT

Please make sure that POP is emailed to me prior to the collection of the dress or presented on collection of the dress.

Please note I do not accept cheques.


Chanelle Cindy will contact you when they are ready for your first fitting, a basic timeline will be discussed during your consultation.

First fittings will be done either in my Cape Town studio unless discussed otherwise.

Once we have completed the first fitting I will have a better idea as to how many fittings we will need.

Please note clients not residing in Cape town will be required to come to my Cape town studio at least once, unless we have discussed otherwise & will be working solely off measurements.

Please ensure that you only bring a maximum of two people with you to consultations & fittings, Chanelle Cindy works very closely with our clients & an over crowded fitting room can be very distracting.

Although my studio is private you will be semi exposed to me through out the fitting process so please do not bring anyone that you may feel any discomfort around.

International brides, fittings will be done off measurements. I will send through a detailed measurements guide, which will give me a better understanding of your shape & size.

The designing progress will be communicated via email, skype & whatapp.

If you do choose to go ahead with Chanelle Cindy Bridal solely on measurements, this will be at your own risk. Although I am confident working with accurate measurements & that there should be no issues with the fit, I would advise having a seamstress on stand by for minor tweaks should there be any problems with the fit.

It is however your responsibility to update me should any of your measurements change.


I am aware of how difficult it is to decide on one specific design, so I am flexible when it comes to altering a design, however I do need to put a limit on this to avoid disappointment.

Once we have come up with a silhouette after our first consult, this is the silhouette we will work with going forward as it is the base of the dress. The fabric we select is also dependent on the silhouette, therefore this needs to be finalized by the time we select fabric. There are certain aspects that we can alter to a certain point, as well as changes in embellishment & detailing.

No changes will be made after the second fitting.

Please note Chanelle Cindy cannot be held responsible for tears made in the dress whilst it is being worn, nor can we be held responsible for zips that pull apart at the teeth once the dress has been collected from my studio.

We use the highest quality YKK zips & do everything possible to make sure this does not happen.

Chanelle Cindy works with a size curve ranging from size UK 6 to 18.

Although I am aware that ones weight does fluctuate, Chanelle Cindy will not be held responsible for any issues that may occur due to extreme weight loss or gain.

Should this be planned for it is imperative that it is communicated in the beginning of the designing process.


We do not offer a courier option, this will be solely your responsibility & cost should you need your gowns shipped nationally or internationally .

Please ensure that all collection details are communicated via email & confirmed .


I know that this is a very exciting time & sometimes you can’t resist the urge to update me on new ideas, but I please ask that you respect my working hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm

Sunday & Public holidays: CLOSED

Lastly, I will retain the right to post about my projects, during and after the dress is complete.

I will always be discreet in my posts during the designing process & I will not disclose any details nor will I mention any names until after the dress is complete.

This is for promotional reasons.

Please don’t hesitate to state any concerns you have with the above, I am more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Once the deposit is paid, I will take it as a confirmation that you have read and understood all of the above and that we can move forward with the designing processes.