Custom Making Process


Our process begins with a consultation, where we will get to know our Bride to be, discuss design ideas and help develop your ideas into a bridal gown that your dreams are made of. We want to get to know you and connect with you.

We pride ourselves on the relationship we build with our brides. We want your journey with Chanelle Cindy Bridal to be a beautiful experience, where you are truly comfortable with us and can trust us completely with the creation of your wedding gown. Our aim is to take your ideas and mould them into a design that combines all your favourite elements. We will discuss everything from silhouette and fit, to fabrications and textures, as well as colour pallet and budget.

Bridal consultations are R650 for a 1 hour consultation.


From there we will email you a quotation. Should you choose to accept the quotation and move forward with Chanelle Cindy Bridal, we will require a 60% deposit of the quoted amount. The deposit payment will be seen as an acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Please make sure that you are aquatinted with our T&C’s prior to avoid any confusion.


When creating a bridal gown, fabrics are one of the most important elements. We pride ourselves on creating unique designs, by the collaboration of different fabrics and applique, resulting in one of a kind custom couture bridal gowns.

Chanelle Cindy Bridal is all about ornate detailing, and our fabric selects is where the magic starts. You will be provided with several of the best, hand selected fabric options to choose from. Once the fabrics have been confirmed and purchased, we will begin with the making of the gown.


Our first fitting, which will be the first of 4 fittings (excluding your collection) will be a mock-up of the basic style idea, of which we will then use to create your customised pattern. We believe that the perfect fit is the most important part of a bridal gown, so should we require more than 4 fittings to achieve that, we will schedule another fitting. In an ideal world, 4 fittings ensure complete accuracy, however we can work off less should it be necessary. Depending on the time frame moving forward, we will schedule all following fittings during your first fitting and collection date, where the gown will be fitted a final time. Our aim is to make this process as stress-free and memorable as possible.

Your dreams are what our dreams are made up of, allow us to bring them to life by trusting us.

Get in Touch

We would absolutely love to hear from you and welcome you into our Chanelle Cindy design studio. Whether you are based locally or internationally, get in touch and we will make your dream dress become a reality.

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